"Sunmoon" background story. A film made in quarantine.

The filmmaking background story of "Sunmoon"

We were dancing in the dark following each other’s light. The story unraveled itself with each step forward. We had no clue where it will take us. It had a will and life of its own, we were there for it to speak its truth.

"Sunmoon" is a film made during COVID-19 virus pandemic, a time when each character was isolated in its own untold story and crepuscular reality, trapped in a redundant time loop with the world murmuring from the other side.

For Georgia, walking into the unknown is what her life is about, but for her characters, this restless virus caused a revolution. How to break free? They all wondered in a voice. Georgia spent her quarantine days and nights trying to hear the story willing to be born and asking herself how to turn the air into matter, into something that has a drop of meaning, shape, and sense.

She remembered a solar eclipse that mesmerized her while she was living on that Spanish island. She looked for its photograph and spent a while daydreaming about that mystic place, her second home. One afternoon, the eclipse whispered, I am Sunmoon, the star of lava hearts.

Solar eclipse in Canary Islands or Sunmoon. Photo credit Georgia Mihalcea.

Once she called it by its name, Piper heard, left her animated show and jumped on board; Phany unraveled from the unseen singing a song, and Sunmoon came to life through the actress Marcela Motoc who was quarantined in her own home miles away from Georgia, guiding them towards each other and to a story about connecting their inner worlds with the world, about falling together.

Georgia guided Marcela from distance on how to film herself with her mobile phone, finishing the shooting in 3 hours after sunset.

Then, she picked up some symbols from her suspended-by-pandemic debut film and put together a new story bit by bit, almost in reverse, as her laptop crashed continuously under the pressure of all the photos, videos, and animation programs and applications she used.

The rest is a 3-week story about following her inner flow and integrating realities and technologies.

Georgia trusted the story and the story trusted her. This is how the film's tagline "Trust Your Star" was born.

Watch "Sunmoon" trailer & trust your star :)

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